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    DHD Technology is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality wire meshes.
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Whether insulating against high termperature zones or shielding against electromagnetic disturbances, the potential applications for knitted wire meshes are extremely diverse. EMI/RFI shields are, for example, utilized in the automotive industry to protect sensitive components from disruptive interferences.


Futher applications include:

Sealing cord in high termperature zones

The advantage of this product is to be found in the dynamics during thermal load. Combinations of knitted wire mesh and fiberglass materials have proven reliable for years. Our sealing cords can be supplied in the following versions:

  • External diameter of 1 mm to 50 mm - thermal resistance to 1100° C
  • Wire mesh versions in all metal cord or tube cord
  • External sheath with fiberglass knit
  • Can be supplied in rolls or tailormade to customer requirements


EMC Shields in Electrical Engineering

EMI/RFI shields made of knitted wire mesh or knitted wire mesh combinations provide sensitive components protection against disturbing electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Utilized materials include copper, copper-beryllium, steel, precious metals, Monel® and aluminum. The advantages to using knitted meshes are:

  • Flexibility during assembly and during service life
  • Very good conductivity
  • highly durability
  • corrosion resistant


Acoustic Decoupling in Machine Construction

DHD knitted wire meshes are utilized in machine construction not only for the reduction of disruptive acoustic vibrations but also to dampen schock and to position heat shields. Moreover, knitted wire meshes are resistant to acids, leaching and oils and have thermal resistance up to 1200°.



Industrial parts cleaning

For years we have been professionally cleaning turned, milled, punched, pressed, die-cast and bent wire parts for the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. The full vacuum system with perchloroethylene is used for cost-effective and effective cleaning.


Cleaning with CHC

As a non-polar solvent, CHC has a very high dissolving power for non-polar oils and for weakly polar fats.


Cleaning with HC

Cleaning with non-halogenated solvents (mod. alcohol) offers optimum cleaning performance, good environmental compatibility and low operating costs.


Aqueous cleaning

Aqueous cleaning involves cleaning blister packaging and KLTs in a neutral area based on the residual dirt requirement, which also minimises the partides on the packaging and parts can be inserted without risk of further contamination.


Fluorescence measurement of surfaces

For reliable detection of even the smallest traces of contamination such as oils, greases or cooling lubricants. Furthermore, there is the possibility of non-contact measurement of the layer thickness of, for example, oils or corrosion protection agents.


Knitted wire meshes

As an innovative manufacturer of high-quality knitted wire meshes, we have been a reliable partner of the automotive industry and its suppliers for many years, as well as a leading company in process and environmental technology.

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About us

DHD Cleanparts is located in Spalt near Nuremberg. 
For more than 15 years we have been professionally cleaning turned, milled, punched and bent wire parts, sensitive plastic parts for the automotive industry as well as for the Formenu and mechanical engineering industries. 

DHD Cleanparts GmbH & Co. KG

Gewerbepark Hügelmühle 43 · D-91174 Spalt

Phone +49 (0) 91 75 - 90 709 20

Fax: +49 (0) 91 75 - 90 709 29

Email: zentrale@dhd-cleanparts.de

Email for inquiries: vertrieb@dhd-cleanparts.de


Ask? Feel free to contact us.

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