Aqueous cleaning

Aqueous cleaning 

Aqueous cleaning involves cleaning blister packaging and KLTs in a neutral area based on the residual dirt requirement, which also minimises the particles on the packaging and parts can be inserted without risk of further contamination. Plus, multiple cleaning of the packaging is also no problem thanks to the gentle process involved, which means any labels and colour codes attached will be unaffected. 

Verpackungsreinigung alkalisch (Wässrige Reinigung)  Verpackungsreinigung alkalisch (Wässrige Reinigung)

Advantages of aqueous cleaning: 

  • Minimises partides with per­missible remaining residues
  • Blister-preserving cleaning
  • ESD cleaning without changing the conductivity
  • Weekly monitoring via residual dirt analysis

Verpackungsreinigung alkalisch (Wässrige Reinigung)


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