Cleaning with HC

Cleaning with hydrocarbons (HC)

Cleaning with non-halogenated solvent (modified alcohol) offers unbeatable cleaning performance, an envi­ronmentally friendly solution and low overheads - namely the perfect tools with which to take on the most demanding cleaning tasks. At DHD Clean Parts, we have 7 machines available to provide this type of cleaning.

 Reinigung mit Kohlenwasserstoff (KW)

Moreover, we can also apply preservative to parts prone to corrosion following the cleaning process, for problem-free extended storage or export of the parts by sea. 

Reinigung mit Kohlenwasserstoff (KW)

Advantages of hydro­carbon-based cleaning:

  • Excellent cleaning result
  • Low toxicity
  • Residue-free drying
  • No corrosion tendency of the parts due to the solvent

After cleaning, all parts are placed in a laminar flow workbench to prevent recontamination.


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