Parts cleaning

Parts cleaning - Wage cleaning procedure

For many years we clean professionally trick, Milling, Punching, Pressing, pressure downpour, and wire flexible parts for the car industry, as well as the mechanical engineering. The used Voll-Vakuumanalge with Perchlorethylen cleans at a reasonable price and actually. For every product the optimum cleansing step can be selected on the individual Step. Therefore oil and particle in the part of the past belong.

Advantages in the wage cleaning procedure

  • Short load times
  • High load weight
  • Fully automated cleansing process
  • Constant clean parts
  • Reasonable procedure
  • Processing of small loads

Knitted wire meshes for the production are oily. This can have annoying influence in the other use. We can degrease with the partial cleaning knitted wire mesh rolls, as well as already pressed parts, ultrapurely. 

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Parts cleaning
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